France weather
Skiers take to Paris streets

Tue Feb 20: Paris, Feb 7, 2018 (AFP) - Skiers swished down the hilly streets of Montmartre in Paris on Wednesday, taking advantage of heavy snowfall that otherwise spelled misery for thousands of travellers. Nearly 2,000 people in the Paris region had to spend Tuesday night in their cars, according to police, after the snow caused traffic jams that stretched a record 740 kilometres (460 miles) and left hundreds of others stuck at airports and train stations. The icy roads of Paris were unusually quiet after 12 centimetres (nearly five inches) was dumped on the French capital overnight, with up to 20 cm reported in nearby suburbs and rural areas. The snow played havoc with public transport, halting almost all buses in the capital along with some tram and commuter rail lines, while heavy goods vehicles were banned from major roads due to the high risk of an accident. Police on Twitter urged motorists to leave their cars at home again on Thursday.
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